I Want to Run

Yesterday was beautiful. The sky was blue-ish, the sun was shining and it was the warmest day we’ve had in a long time. Come to think of it, for the wild and free heart, it was a let-your-hair-down-and-just-run kind of day.

And my sweet girl stays pretty tuned into her wild and free heart. All wild, all the time, it seems.

After being released from school (you can see a quick video of that adorable process here), we went over to buy her an after-school-yogurt (a daily pre- and post-school routine), she asked for her hair to be taken out of a ponytail, and then she knew what she wanted:

“I want to run, Mommy.”

We are finally at a stage where I can say “yes” to this heartfelt request (along with a few reminders to “listen carefully for mommy’s voice”).

This got to be my view on our walk home.

And what a beautiful view it was. Her sweet little body just running through our world, hair blowing in the wind behind her. Sometimes coming back to ‘check-in’ when we crossed side streets or passed loud metal working shops. Sometimes slowing her pace alongside other kids to say hi as if it was assumed they were already friends. Sometimes practicing the words for “please don’t touch me” when (well-meaning) strangers can’t seem to keep from touching her wind blown dark-blonde hair.

I followed my Jubilee home with a happy heart, observing her posture toward the world. Eager to See, Explore, and Enjoy.

I want to run like Jubilee runs. When I run it’s often frantic or competitive – running to beat the clock or my neighbor or because I feel like I should. Jubilee runs because she can! Because why not? Because it’s fun! There are things to see and people to befriend. 

I am so thankful that God gave me this wild girl to remind me to walk, or even run, through my days with my eyes and ears and heart open.

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