Day 6: Frost

Frost. It’s March 2nd and it was a high of 79 degrees fahrenheit today in Orlando. I feel like I’m basically a Florida girl now, but Aubrey reminded me that, even if we were in Georgia, we still wouldn’t have much cause to write about frost. My mother-in-law suggested Frozen, and yes, we have lots of everyday fodder that is Frozen related. 

I thought of stretching the spirit of the word and turning it into frosting or Frostee. I thought of trying to recall a story from middle school when frosted tips were a thing. I thought of how I used to describe leaving East Asia for a jaunt down to South East Asia during Lunar New Year as an opportunity to let my soul thaw. 

But the day is done and it doesn’t seem wise to sacrifice sleep for a stretched story. This Florida/Georgia girl is going to go to bed with her air conditioner turned on, and her soul comfortably content in the warmth of her bed, the sound of her sleeping husband’s deep breathing, and thoughts of pleasant boundary lines.

Today’s sky. I mean, come on 😍🙌🏻

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