Day 14: Plant

My favorite plant is a fake plant (as I wrote here, I’ve never had much of a green thumb). It’s an adorable crocheted succulent gifted to me by one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever known, my friend Hannah (whose birthday is tomorrow — Happy Birthday, Hannah!). I wanted so badly to join the ‘succulent movement’ that swept women the world over, but I had trouble keeping even those alive. So after seeing one she’d made someone else, I asked if I could commission one. She put it in a mustard yellow pot (my very favorite color) and gave it to me during a season I tried so hard, but had so little energy, to make our apartment a place that felt more like home. It was a very lovely gift, from a very lovely friend. 

It’s, happily, one of the possessions that made it into the 5 suitcases we brought back from 5 years of living overseas. Because it immediately made our house feel more like ‘me’ and more like home, I am so thankful that it will continue with me as we make our home(s) on this side of the world. Even happier, my friend Hannah is one of my neighbors this year. She didn’t come back in my suitcase, but she came back with just a couple suitcases, too, and though our stories are quite different, they’re also more similar than most. I’m grateful for the understanding tears we sometimes share. 

My little crocheted succulent simply makes my heart smile. It’s adorable and happy and very perseverant — kind of like my friend Hannah. 

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