A Prayer for Mother’s Day

God, I praise You today for Your fierce, momma-bear love and protection. Thank You for Father-Mothering me with grace and truth and SO MUCH patience and perseverance. May we all draw comfort and strength from Your unshakable love and commitment to us, Your dear children. 

Thank You for so many women around me in whom I see your reflection: in their creativity, endurance, energy, rest, wisdom, service, expertise, empathy, kindness, strength, generosity, and long-suffering. In their tears and smiles and concern and hugs and words and gifts and work. I understand You more fully because of them, and I give thanks. My mother, mothers-in-laws, grandmothers, aunts, co-workers, leaders, teachers, mentors, neighbors, friends, sisters in Christ — what an abundance of Your love and goodness lights up my life through them!

Thank You for men who celebrate, support, raise and empower women and mothers.

Thank You for this good, female body and for the special ways it can serve, protect, enjoyed and be enjoyed (whether it grew a baby or not).

Please comfort those for whom today is tender: help them to feel Your tender Father-Mother comfort. Let them know they’re that apple of Your eye and they’re always in Your heart. For those with no mothers, raise up men and women to love, protect, and nurture them right now, as You do in eternity.

Thank You, God, for the precious little people You have given me to mother today. Help and empower me to be a conduit of Your love, nurturing, and wisdom. I praise You for the ways I learn about Your strong love for us when I look at them and wonder at Your glory — I get a glimpse of Your eyes of lavish love for me.

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