Grief at Christmas: Where God Meets Us (for

If grief is a mighty river, most of us live the majority of our days from the safety of the shore, where the occasional strong wave laps at our toes. But inevitably, at some point in our lives, we’ll find ourselves in over our heads, choking on grief’s bitter water and grasping for air. Our vessels, battered. Our souls, weary.

Are you experiencing grief at Christmas? This strange year has flooded the riverbanks with collective grief, as well as plunged many into the depths of specific heart-wrenching loss. Holidays can bring a fresh ache and pain, bringing memories to the surface or empty chairs into focus. We miss the presence of what or who we lost, and we feel more acutely the hole left behind.

That hole, borne of the searing pain of loss, can become a sacred space for the comfort Christmas brings.

We know Christmas is about more than presents and peppermint, but sometimes we forget it’s even more than a birthday party or reenactments of the Nativity.

Christmas celebrates the day God came into this world, with blood and anguish. After centuries of waiting, sighs, crying out met with silence, God’s voice joined ours’ beginning with a baby’s wail.

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One Reply to “Grief at Christmas: Where God Meets Us (for”

  1. I appreciate your insightful, honest writing. This Christmas will be 6 years (to the day) that my dad went home to heaven. Besides that immense, unexpected loss, many other life stressors including significant mental health challenges have added compounded layers of loss to my life. Then COVID hit. Through it all, God has been so good and faithful. But I need to stop avoiding the pain and allow myself to work through it. I hope to set aside time this week for journaling to that end. To slow down more. And I look forward to following your blog! Many blessings & Merry Christmas. May the Hope of Jesus be your strength.


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