6 Prayers for Marriage When You Need a Miracle (for FamilyLife.com)

Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels.com

When I tell the story of God pursuing me, I usually tell how He miraculously answered my prayers for marriage … my parents’.

My parents’ marriage was often a battleground, the “D” word (divorce) brought up often. The summer before my 7th grade year, it felt inevitable. I headed off to church camp, worried sick that when I got back their decision to divorce would be final.

That week, I prayed like I’d never prayed before. I asked for God’s intervention—for Him to soften their hearts toward one another and to rescue their marriage from disaster. At the end of the week, I returned home to find the battle was over. Divorce was taken off the table, and the atmosphere in our home changed drastically from then on.

It was the first time I’d seen God answer prayer so vividly and monumentally. It was miraculous.

Prayers for Marriage

God doesn’t always give us what we ask for, even if we are asking for good things like the softening of a spouse’s heart. So in addition to my story of seeing God answer prayers for marriage, I’d like to give two quick reminders of why prayer is so important, regardless of the outcome.

First, prayer isn’t a cosmic “Instacart” where we fill it up with everything we want and hope it’ll be in stock. 

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