What Makes Your House a Home?

Chances are, at some point in your life, the idea of “home” will feel a bit complicated. How do you go about making your house a home?

My 7-year-old daughter has lived at least six places in her short life. So recently when she listed “mom’s arms” as her safe place, it was a moment I’ll always treasure in my heart—but it didn’t surprise me. My daughter could be classified as a third-culture kid (TCK). When someone asks her where she’s from, the answer is complicated. She’s Orlando-born, lived a majority of her life overseas, and now she’s back in Orlando again.

For two of the homes we lived in the longest as a family, we had to leave quite suddenly and against our choice. So I’m glad that, to my kids, home is less about belongings or a place, more about presence. Namely, their parents’.

Where do you feel that presence—your sense of home?

Whether you live in the house you grew up in or, like my daughter, have had as many addresses as years of life, chances are, “home” will feel a bit complicated at some point. It might become a bit of a sore subject.

You might find yourself longing for someplace or someone lost or elusive.

That’s being human.

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2 Replies to “What Makes Your House a Home?”

  1. What an absolutely encouraging article. I have been serving the Lord here in Mexico with my husband for over 14 years now. This is an article I will print out and post on my wall as a beautiful reminder of the more important things.


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