Is Your Marriage on the Rocks? 4 Things To Remember (for

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I recently had a cold that dragged on for a solid two weeks. When I was nearing the finish line, I remarked to my husband that I was amazed (and a bit ashamed) how few days it took of countless tissues and coughing that I began to wonder, “Will I ever feel better again?” Or half-sardonically thought, “I don’t even remember what feeling healthy is like.”

When you’re in the throes of something miserable, it’s hard to imagine the misery dissipating. Or to grasp onto hope for health/wholeness/happiness being restored.

In the case of my cold, I eventually got better (although that’s not to say sniffles aren’t already recirculating in my home … #tistheseason). But it amazes me how quickly pain and discomfort can make hope feel elusive—even for small things like colds. How much more in the biggest of things, like a hurting marriage, will holding on to hope take fighting for truth?

Remembering truth when your marriage is on the rocks

Like the body you live in, marriage is all-encompassing to life. The Bible describes married people as being “one flesh” (see Genesis 2:24)—so if your marriage is on the rocks, you are probably not okay.

That makes sense, but don’t lose heart. Here are four truths to remember . . .

1. No marriage is static. . .

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