Guest Posts

The following are posts I’ve had the privilege of sharing on other platforms as a guest.

For Family Life

5 Ways My Husband Supports My Mental Health

My husband supporting me through my mental health wasn’t in our plans when we got married, but it was in our wedding vows.

Family Life is a ministry of Cru that seeks to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

For The Drafting Desk Blog

Crows and Locusts

I’m looking at my soul and realizing that the crows and locusts of perfectionism have had their way with me. I look at the devastation, and I am angry. It’s becoming clearer to me the depth to which this perfectionism has gotten its insidious claws into every part of me, and I’m so mad.

The Drafting Desk is a newsletter that creates a space for soulful encouragement for recovering perfectionists.

For Kindred Mom

My Body, Broken

After almost 3 months postpartum, the intensity of these feelings, along with the physical pain, had waned some. One day, I took some of the physical, mental, and emotional brokenness before the Lord and it hit me like a ton of bricks: “my body, broken” are familiar words. I’d heard them not only in my own moments of despair, but also from Jesus.

Kindred Mom is a gracious online community dedicated to helping moms flourish in motherhood. We believe motherhood is a sacred and beautiful journey of discovery and we are committed to holding space for moms who are looking for connection, guidance, encouragement, and truth as they raise their children.