Day 35: Electricity

But what does waiting well really mean? When I stop to think about it, it can’t mean stuffing your desires and needs so that they don’t ‘bother’ you much. Waiting, surely, is meant to be disruptive.

A Prayer for Mother’s Day

God, I praise You today for Your fierce, momma-bear love and protection. Thank You for Father-Mothering me with grace and truth and SO MUCH patience and perseverance. May we all draw comfort and strength from Your unshakable love and commitment to us, Your dear children.  Thank You for so many women around me in whom …

Day 33: Mailbox

There are many things that come into focus as the dust of our overly busy culture settles in the midst of quarantining and “social distancing” — one of those is that human beings are created to celebrate.

Day 32: Pen

The family happened to be all occupied. With what, I’m not sure, but it was calm and I decided to try slipping onto the porch without being missed. I grabbed a few quick supplies: drink, phone (always), book, and pencil and headed out to the swing camp chair. The pencil — I’m pretty sure my …


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