The Kingdom of God…In My House.

I've learned to manage my expectations for 'special days' over the years. Sometimes a Christmas will be full of grief or homesickness, not joy or laughter. Sometimes a birthday will be spent like any other day, minus a few extra text messages. Sometimes, a Thanksgiving will be spent home sick instead of feasting with loved …

God as Mother

The Bible uses countless pictures, stories, and illustrations to help us understand the fullness of who God is – partially because none of them, in and of themselves, can fully capture His character, what He’s like, and how He operates. So as a quick review, a few of the ways the Bible describes God are: as fire, cloud, shepherd, king, father, husband, light, water, bread, a warrior, a lamb, a lion, and yes – as a woman and a mother.

2022: Making Death Mentionable Again.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on I considered making "death" my word of the year for 2022. "Morbid much?" you may think to yourself and consider clicking away. Don't worry, I'm choosing "alive" instead. But I almost chose death because I'm realizing that thinking more about death would help me live better. My dear friend, …

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